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Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

Cyprus offers the quickest, most assured route to citizenship of a European country through the Cypriot citizenship by investment programme. An investment of €2.0 million in real estate is required. Cyprus is unique in its offering of citizenship within just 3 months of such an investment. This grants a Cypriot passport and citizenship of an EU country, allowing the freedom to work, travel, study and live anywhere within the EU including countries such as Germany, France and the UK.

No other European VISA program guarantees such assured results, offering an EU second passport in just two to three months.


The following investment options are available for investors wanting to obtain Cyprus/EU citizenship.

  • Option 1: Investment in real estate, developments and infrastructure projects. Any number of properties can be combined to make up the €2.0 million minimum investment.
  • Option 2: Purchase, incorporation or participation in Cypriot businesses and companies.
  • Combination of the two options.

The investment can be made personally or through a company in which the applicant is a shareholder.


  • The minimum investment requirement is €2,000,000 for any of the investment options.
  • The investor must purchase at least one residential property of at least €500,000+VAT.
  • After 3 years following the acquisition of the Cyprus citizenship the investment can be reduced down to just €500,000 and this investment must be maintained in order for the investor to retain their citizenship. This €500,000 should be in the form of residential property, that should not be disposed of at any point in time, or if disposed, the investor should substitute with another property of equal or higher purchase price.
  • The purchase value of the privately-owned residence property of the applicant investor in Cyprus is not included in the minimum investment which is required for the submission of the application, but rather it is additional. However, if an applicant decides to invest in real estate solely, he/she is not obliged to buy a further privately-owned residence of purchase value €500,000+VAT.

The applicant needs to have committed to the investment prior to applying for the visa and funds must be in place in Cyprus before application. Such funds can be released in accordance with any payment plan agreed for the property, particularly in the case of off-plan developments. An application can be made within a few days of committing to the investment.


  • The full process for gaining the Cyprus/EU passport will be completed within maximum of 6 months from the date the application is submitted.


  • Applicants must hold a clean criminal record from the country of origin.
  • The investor must maintain permanently a residential property in Cyprus of minimum value of €500.000 + VAT (if VAT applicable).

In addition to the real estate investment, applicants will need a clear criminal record. There is no language requirement, medical test or interview. Very simple documents are required for the citizenship application. It is easy to apply and there is no requirement to stay in the country.


One of the key considerations when deciding between residential or commercial property in Cyprus is the rate of tax (VAT) that applies. Commercial property will attract VAT at a rate of 19% whereas residential property will attract just 5% on the first 200sqm of the first and main permanent residence property.


Before the investor commits to their investment in Cyprus, we are going to let them know if they cover the requirement and we are going to procced with the investment procedure only if there is 100% chance that the investor will get their Cyprus/EU Citizineship.

Most investors choose to invest the €2,000,000 only in real estare. One or more than one properties. Residential properties or combination Land  and Residential property.

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